Massey University Climbing Wall

Massey Climbing Wall is the only indoor bouldering gym in Palmerston North. The climbing wall is at the second floor of Massey Recreation Centre.

The Wall is open to members of the Massey University Alpine Club (students and non-students). 

For your first climbing session, come to our climbing nights for an induction and get some some general information. If you enjoy your time at the wall and want to join us on regular basis, become a member of the Massey University Alpine Club (MUAC). There is a membership fee of $40/year which will go towards equipment and wall maintenance. Learn more about becoming an MUAC Member here.

For questions please contact our Wall Officers at The Wall Officers details can be found on the Committee Page

Join the Massey Rock Climbing Club Facebook Group to keep up to date with what's happening at The Wall.

Climbing Night

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 5pm - 8pm

Climbing nights are held every week. 
Come to our climbing nights and climb with some lovely people!
Everyone is welcome 🤗

Chalk and climbing shoes will be provided free of charge.