Heading into the bush? Complete the Adventure Smart Online Intentions Form before you go!

As an Alpine club for students and young professionals, by students and young professionals, we promote safety and ask you to read this page carefully before actually adventuring.

1. Watch over yourself and others, be aware of your environment and never continue if you are not prepared or skilled enough. It only takes a slight mistake to take your life.
We therefore recommend

   - Complete a trip intentions form, either online or on print and give to your emergency contact
- Never hike alone
   - We highly recommend you carry a Personal Location Beacon at all times
   - Watch weather forecasts and wear proper clothing and gear.
   - Never continue further if weather conditions change (unless it is shorter), but rather return the safest and quickest way.

2. In case of losing the path or road, or getting lost in any other way, make sure you STAY at your position as you can worsen the situation if you go in the wrong direction. Yell for help as often the path is closer by than one often expects.

3. Give yourself a moment before you leave to check out this page where they explain not only the basics but also intermediate tramping safety.

4. If you have any questions about safety, make sure to ask them as there is not a stupid question to safety and preparations!