Sunrise hut

Hey everyone,
Welcome to our website where we (try) to keep you updated on all the matters that are going on. Today after the clubs day we noticed that a lot of new people wanted to join our club and to them, we want to say, you are damn right!
We have a lot of cool trips coming up, starting with sunrise hut which is an easy hike. In order to join this trip we recommend that you come by at our first meeting. We will include an explanation of the kind of trips we organize, what we do as a club and more info on the first trip! This will be at the MUSA lounge at 5PM on Monday the 22nd of July.

Did we run out of schedules? Did you lose yours? Click here to find more info on the planned trips! Want more info on costs or the club? Then click here!

We hope to see you there!
Here are the links you might be interested in as a new member; facebook and instagram. Check this site or the Facebook group to stay up to date!

Your boi Yeti