Massey University Alpine Club (MUAC) is an outdoor club run by volunteers for the benefit of its members, both student, and non-student. The club has a good international, Kiwi and gender blend. MUAC is mostly undergraduate students, but there are plenty of post-graduate and non-student members into their 30’s.

Massey University Alpine Club (MUAC) has a rich and exciting history of taking students on unforgettable adventures since 1929 – it's one of the oldest clubs at Massey University. 

Membership is $25 per semester or $40 per year. You get benefits for the whole year including cheaper gear hire, free trips, and access to the climbing wall in the Recreation Centre and discounts on the MUAC  Ruapehu Hut.

Every Monday (except during University breaks and exam periods) there is a weekly meeting in the evening at 7pm in the Student Lounge (on Concourse) which can be found on the Massey University campus in Palmerston-North. We try to organize at least one official club trip each weekend, but unofficial hikes are often organized by our members. Club trips vary between instructional, social or general hikes which normally take place as a day hike or overnighter. 

All trips will be discussed and displayed in the Facebook group. Make sure to join the Facebook group for updates and trip information.