2015 final entry!

Final entry for 2015 :(

What a year it has been! Exams have finished, students have left town, and we are all waiting for our exam results and of course going on many outdoor adventures over summer! The club has wound down, but many members are running their own trips, which if you are interested in just head along to the MUAC Facebook page and check out the posts there.

MUAC has run many successful trips this year, from hot pools to walking to the summit of Ruapehu; kayaking down the Rangitikei river and skiing all season. As usual, the club started out with a huge influx of students in summer which started thinning out as students started spending more weekends studying and preparing for exams. Regardless, the year was still a huge success, and it's always good to see so many kiwis and exchange students keen to get outdoors and try something new!

The hut has been through a lot this year... A leak in the diesel tank was found and all sorts of strife broke out. This was sorted out with the massive help from ex-president, Stacey Hendriks. If it weren't for Stacey and her knack for fundraising, extreme organisational skills, and passion for the outdoors and the club, we would surely be in a lot more trouble than we currently are. Stacey, on behalf of everyone who has ever been a member of the club, and everyone who will be in the future, THANK YOU for ensuring the hut is able to be used in the future!! You have really gone over and above your role as president, and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

The club's AGM was help earlier this year, and a huge number of goodbyes were said from committee members who have either finished their degrees or are moving on from the club and Palmerston North. We said goodbye to Goldie, Stacey, Ryan, Kyle, Emily C, Pierce, Logan, Carina, Claudia, Dean and Alyesha. A final thank you to you guys for everything you have brought to the club over your time on the committee!
The new committee was voted in, and we said welcome to new committee members: Mary, Andreas, Tapi, Ben, Jack, Tessa, Thomas and Rick. A couple of existing members have stepped up to try out new roles, and Greg has changed from club treasurer to try his hand at secretary, and Grace and Emily have stepped up from gumbies to gear hire officer and chief guide respectively. Good luck to all of those making up the new committee!

In October we had an awesome Halloween fundraiser, where a number of committee and club members dressed up as ghouls, zombies and other freaky creatures to scare and entertain the riders of the Halloween train in the esplanade. This was the first time the club had been involved in this fundraiser, and it turned out to be a massive success! Over $3,000 was raised for MUAC over 4 nights, and we have been asked to return for the same fundraiser next year! Woohoo!

We had the Mountain Films Festival earlier in the year as well. This was also a huge success! Tickets were sold out, and the evening ran so smoothly. A number of really good outdoor films were shown, including activities such as skiing with parachutes, tramping and kayaking. Again, a fair amount of money was raised, and it's definitely a night that we will keep in mind to repeat in the future.

I'm going to be staying in Palmerston North over summer and am looking at doing some work on the climbing wall in the Massey gym. We're going to give the wall a good clean, and even set up some new climbs. If you're interested in getting involved with the climbing aspect of the club, come along to the wall on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm! Don't worry if you haven't climbed before, newcomers are always welcome! (I only started 2 weeks ago!!)

So, with all of that said, it's time to wish everyone in the Massey University Alpine Club a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! May you all have a wild holiday filled with as many adventures as you can fit ;)

See you all next year!

P.S . One more hut maintenance weekend is scheduled for January 23rd - 25th. This will see the removal of the old septic tanks. If you want to help out, go along to the event on the Facebook page and click "attending". It will involve a bit of work, a lot of sun, slack-lining, and even a trip to either the summit of Ruapehu or the Tongariro Crossing once we get the job done. See you there!!


  1. That is a fantastic summary of the amazing, succesful, and challenging year of 2015 MUAC!
    Well done everyone!
    Also, well done Mary, for taking a gigantic leap into the major role of Club President, as well as Web person AND temporary Gear Officer! Watch this space people..... Mary will be taking the club on even more exciting journeys in the months/(years?) to come!

  2. I wish i could also travel with my friends! Well,by seeing your pictures it seems like that you must have had a lot of fun.Lucky you!