Meeting Monday 7th May 7pm ICLT - Backcountry cook off

Demonstrate your fantastic culinary skills by cooking up a storm with the gear you would take tramping/camping. There will be prizes!

Rules and scoring guidelines:

You can enter as an individual or as a team of 2-3 people. The idea is to create a delicious meal using food and equipment you would usually take tramping. It should be a fun competition, and will also hopefully provide MUACers with some inspiration about what kinds of food they can take in the great outdoors.

Bring your own ingredients and cooking equipment (let us know if you would like to borrow a stove, we may be able to help you).

Must be cooked using a portable cooking stove and no more than 2 billy’s or pots. All cooking equipment and implements must be suitable for carrying around in a pack.

Weight limit on food – 500 or 700gm? ingredients (must also be ingredients that would be ok to eat after 2 days+2nights in a pack!) + as much water as you want to use (i.e. water does not count towards 700g weight limit).

Time limit for cooking – ½ an hour.

You could, of course, bring pre-prepared freeze-dried meals, but points will be rewarded based on how much effort you put in! i.e. more points for meals cooked from scratch.

Bonus points if you incorporate some genuine, edible “bush tucker”.

Points will be given for:
Ease of make/preparation

And remember

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